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Do We Really Want Our Christian Prime Minister Making Christian Decisions?

Stephen McAlpine: 

The self-confessed Christian politician is called upon to release asylum seekers on the basis of their Christianity, but required to ignore or privatise their Christian faith’s conviction in the public square when it comes to other human rights matters related to Imago-Dei, such as abortion or euthanasia.

Politics and Religion in India

This article is a few years old now but it still gives a helpful background to the complex relationship between religion and politics.

Indian secularism, by no means, is something that can be compared to other, more Western forms of secularism. In the United States, secularism separates church and state, but religion is given a place in public life and Christianity especially has a privileged role. In France, laïcité insists upon removing all traces of religion from the public sphere and rejecting any communal claims of identity. Quite by contrast, Indian secularism sought to recognise the various religions of its citizens, granting them all a role in the public sphere, but attempting not to privilege one over another.

Children-at-Risk: An Infographic


The Spirit of adoption: welcome-to-the-family!


Christianity is not a mental ascent, an exercise of will power or philosophical system of thought—as if our only problem is that we strayed from some moral code. No, it is an experiential-revelational-relational relationship with the Creator of everything, the eternal Father whose intention it has always been to have many children of whom Jesus is the first (Hebrews 2:10-11). This life can only be lived by the power of the Spirit of Adoption (Romans 8).

Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

You always wanted to know.

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