10 facts about Hyderabad

So today I find myself in Hyderabad, India – which is a first. Here are some facts I found out before I arrived.

  1. With a population of around 9.5 million people, Hyderabad is the fourth most populous city in India (Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore are the top three).
  2. It’s a crowded place with around 18,500 people per sq.km. By comparison Stockholm has density of 3,500 and London 5,500 people per sq.km
  3. It was briefly an independent state before being annexed into India in 1948
  4. Around 1.7 million residents of Hyderabad live below the poverty line and in a slum
  5. Hyderabad was known as the ‘city of pearls’ because it was a pearl and diamond trading centre
  6. Hyderabad is the IT capital of India
  7. Telugu & Urdu are the official languages of the city
  8. At least half of the city are Hindus, at least a third Muslim and around 3% Christian.
  9. It’s a key city for Christian ministry (according to Operation World) as nearly 200 Christian organisations have bases here.
  10. August is time for the summer monsoon – so I’ve packed my umbrella. It’ll also be hot & humid. Nice.

Photo by Prasanth Photography

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