The Curiosity Index (27.03.2018)

Guns, Blind-spots & Idolatry

In light of the huge marches in the US this week I thought this article by Matt Hosier deserved a re-post.

I can see the pro-gun arguments but the thing that concerns me for my American brothers is the tendency to gun-olatry. This is obvious in the political sphere with those members of congress who refuse – almost as a matter of faith – any discussion about reducing access to guns. But it is also evident in church leaders who are unwilling to speak into American gun culture because, ‘it is just one of those things you can’t speak about.’ By definition, that is how idols exert their power: no one is allowed to question them. This means, also by definition, that ministers of the gospel should challenge them.

The Final Week of Jesus: Tuesday

Justin Taylor is posting some short videos introducing what happened each day of Holy Week. I’ll repost them here.

The Final Days of Jesus: Tuesday from Crossway on Vimeo.

Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking

Let this paragraph sink in:

The mere presence of our smartphones can adversely affect our ability to think and problem-solve — even when we aren’t using them. Even when we aren’t looking at them. Even when they are face-down. And even when they are powered off altogether.

In case you missed it consider this piece I wrote on the topic: Smartphones, idols and rescuing a generation (just not the one you think)

Writing In Your Life

Scot McKnight on the writing life:

It’s not glamorous; it’s lonely; it’s everyday; it’s a disciplined habit. At the end of the day you might have very little to show for it. Some weeks are unproductive. But after a decade or two, you wander past a bookshelf in a bookstore and say to yourself amongst other browsers, “I wrote that.”

Surfing Norway in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Craziness & also stunning (see featured image above)


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