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Did Jesus Promise to Return within the Lifetime of his Disciples?

“Is it really true that Jesus predicted that he would return in the lifetime of his disciples?”  Michael Kruger with the answer.

Can religion solve El Salvador’s gang problem?

Over the past year, the church has become a refuge for recently released prisoners who are trying to leave the Barrio 18 gang and pledge themselves to God. There’s Saúl, whose sister drove him straight to the church when he left prison five months ago after serving 15 years for murder. There’s Cristóbal, who spent a decade hiding in Guatemala only to discover on his return that the gang had recruited his teenage son. There’s Raúl, who has a limp from a gun battle with the rival gang, MS-13, and a face inked from chin to forehead like a newspaper. There’s Christofer, who waited in prison for a month after his release date because he had no one to fetch him. Numbers rise and fall, but these days Eben-Ezer usually provides sanctuary to half a dozen people who want to escape the grip of gangs that are tearing their country apart.

The two pastors acknowledge that they’re trying to do what many consider impossible: spirit away members of El Salvador’s powerful gangs. But they believe this is the country’s only hope.

How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries

I prefer Japan’s system to say, oh I don’t know, Yemen or the US

Photos of the 2018 Winter Paralympics

These athletes are legends

A literal world map

This is a map of the literal translations for the names of the world’s countries

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