The Curiosity Index (26.01.2018)

12 Rules for Life – A Christian Perspective

The Jordan Peterson bandwagon rumbles on. David Robertson reviews the book and David Brooks at the New York Times opines on why this is the Jordan Peterson moment.

Does coffee actually dehydrate you?

Here’s the science.

How a Library Handles a Rare and Deadly Book of Wallpaper Samples

Reading this book could actually kill you

The Ominous Rumblings of Mount Mayon

Gearing up for a big one?

Lava cascades down the slopes of the Mayon volcano seen from Legazpi city, Albay province, 340 kilometers (210 miles) southeast of Manila, Philippines, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018. Over 9,000 people have evacuated the area around the Philippines’ most active volcano as lava flowed down its crater Monday in a gentle eruption that scientists warned could turn explosive. (AP Photo/Dan Amaranto)
The gender conversation 2: Lad culture, porn & modest women

This one’s from the archives here but in the light of this current cultural moment – I think the blog conversation I had with Hannah Mudge is helpful and still timely. This is part 2 but check out the other parts in the series 

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