The Curiosity Index (29.01.2018)

The Jordan Peterson effect

So the train is really rolling now. Consider the following:  Jordan Peterson is turning young, Western men into Christians Again and What Pastors Could Learn From Jordan Peterson.

Then here are two very different ways of thinking about his new book 12 Rules. The more positive way from Matt Hosier and the not so positive way from John Crace.

20 years: 20 books

Toby Skipper reflects on twenty books that have shaped his life since being baptised twenty years ago. It’s an excellent list.

The 25 most popular icebreaker questions 

Bookmark this one, there are some good questions here.

10 Actually Cool Uses for a USB Drive

I’m not sure I’d go as far as ‘cool’ but I’d be happy to stop at ‘quite useful’

Self-Parking Slippers


From the archives: When the migrant crisis gets personal

I wrote this article two years ago as we prayed for a Syrian girl as she made her way to Europe.

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