The Curiosity Index (22.09.2017)

What About the Pigs?

We’re working through the Gospel of Mark at Grace Church and this week we’re at Mark 5. I’m expecting to use this answer from Richard Hays.

Do you know the 7 differences between Galilee and Judea in the time of Jesus?

There’s more to Jesus being from Nazareth than meets the eye.

Gospel Parenting

This is a good reminder

Children are a divine stewardship. They are not for us to own but for us to love, carefully guide, and then release to God’s providential care. We cannot pressure, bully, or force them into faith. We parent, not with anticipation of some promised outcome, but out of faithfulness to Jesus, leaving the outcome to Him.

Why do Swedes support their far-right parties?

One for the economists but here it is in a single sentence: “Voters attribute their impaired economic status to immigration.”

Essentially, when unskilled natives find it harder to find a job because of an influx of unskilled immigrants they tend to blame the immigrants. It’s not globalization that is seen as the problem but purely immigration.

Here’s what’s wrong with the “relax, the world is better than ever” arguments

Glass half empty of glass half full? This guy goes with empty.

Of course things are better than they were. But they’re surely nowhere near as good as they ought to be. To pick some obvious examples, humanity indisputably has the capacity to eliminate extreme poverty, end famines, or radically reduce human damage to the climate. But we’ve done none of these, and the fact that things aren’t as terrible as they were in 1800 is arguably beside the point.

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