The Curiosity Index (20.06.2018)

Her name is Monroe Christine

Words fail me:

Her name is Monroe Christine. She is a little girl who was paid for by two men. Her mother was picked out of a catalogue; the woman who gave birth to her was a contractually obligated guest star on a television show who was publicly humiliated by her father.

The whole of the law

Alan Jacobs:

The lesson to be drawn here is this: the great majority of Christians in America who call themselves evangelical are simply not formed by Christian teaching or the Christian scriptures. They are, rather, formed by the media they consume — or, more precisely, by the media that consume them.

10 most dangerous countries for journalists

This infographic shows that you that reporting and finding out the truth remains a dangerous business.

Claims about British and American English

“The British use sorry at the rate four times the Americans do.”

Yes we do. Sorry about that.

Chris Pratt Delivered a Mini-Sermon at the MTV Movie Awards

He gave 9 rules to young people. They’re mostly pretty good.


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