Living with a mustard seed faith

So Monday night found me at LICC for an evening with Tom & Christine Sine. It was a great evening hosted by Community Mission with around 100 or so people in attendance.

Worship was led by the inimitable Andy Flannagan and I highly recommend downloading his ‘we are blessed’, which makes it onto my social justice album. Andy is director of CSM and he’s making politics fun. I was representing Breathe and just really enjoyed the evening. I was inspired by the youthfulness of 75 year old Tom Sine and I’ll post some of the quotes that captured my thinking.

Tom and Christine live in a small community in Seattle and have spent their life helping the church think about how we live in a rapidly changing world and to embrace creative solutions to housing, mission and community. And perhaps above anything else as a result of listening to them I had ideas, imagination was stirred up and fostered and that’s pretty cool.

“Lifestyle change without community is impossible”

“The good life of God is the life given away.”

“The life taken on is greater than the life given up.”

“We don’t have to be satisfied with watching Idol and all that reality crap. We can celebrate better.”

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