The Curiosity Index (19.09.2018)

The unlikely rise of China’s ‘boss Christians’


The concentration of Protestant Christian entrepreneurs and their financial influence in the city has also led to unusually strong house churches with good connections to local government. Here, ‘boss Christians’ preach in the factory or the office as well as at church, encourage their workers to attend prayer meetings and Bible studies on site, and use their business relationships with the party-state to smooth the way for church operations.

How Reformed Churches Are Growing on the Arabian Peninsula

In the city of Sharjah, about 80 congregations rent time—one after another, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week—in an Anglican church. 

It’s amazing what God is doing in places like Dubai. Also I love the generosity of churches that let others use their facilities. We need more of that. 

Don’t Be Dead Weight

I appreciated this from Daniel Im 

The Ocean Cleanup has begun

You’ve probably become quite aware that the oceans have more plastic in them than is good for them or us. Well, Jeremy Williams reports on the various attempts to try and clean up the mess.

The hottest startups in Stockholm

For any budding tech entrepreneurs among you – here are some reasons why you should come to Stockholm.

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