The Curiosity Index (19.01.2018)

The heart of a heartless world

In an interesting editorial, The Guardian talks about prayer.

The bleak universe that science appears to reveal, initially random and ultimately purposeless, is not one that anyone can feel at home in. Most people do want to feel at home. Even if religion, as Marx said, is only the heart of a heartless world, those who pray are acknowledging that the world needs a heart. Some might even be led to try to help give it one.

Cape Town Is Set to Run Out of Water in Less Than 100 Days

Keep an eye on this story over the next few months.

Everyone lives on Dollar Street

A great visual experiment from Gapminder – a brilliant tool to show everyone what real life is like for people on various income scales.

Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria’s $76 Million Debt to Japan

That’s generous but the story also highlights the success of vaccination programs in eradicating diseases like Polio.

Burundi – Crisis and Hope

You might not be able to pay off an nation’s debts like the Gates’ but here’s an opportunity to make a difference in one of the poorest countries in the world, and one close to my heart.

Photos From the 2018 Dakar Rally

This would definitely be on my ‘if money was no object bucket list’.

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