The Curiosity Index (14.02.2019)

How Africa is converting China

This is a fascinating take.

And yet, to the dismay and confusion of the CCP, Christianity keeps growing; many Christians take persecution as a sign that they are doing something right. If US State Department numbers are to be believed, there are nearly as many Chinese Christians (70 million) as the 90 million CCP members reported by Chinese state media, and at current growth rates, China will soon have more Christians than any country in the world. Despite its best efforts, China is losing its fight against Christianity, and the growing influx of citizens returning from Africa is shaping up to be another hopeless front in that war.

Biodiversity thrives in Ethiopia’s church forests

Yet another thing the church in the West could learn from Africa

The church, to which more than half of Ethiopians belong, views the natural forest as a symbol of heaven on Earth, where every creature is a gift from God and needs its habitat.

What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?

Abortion has back in the news again – so what does the Bible say about abortion? In short:

If the Bible is our guide, fetuses deserve human rights, including that most basic right—the right to life.

Social enterprise 2: Identifying talents & wooing investors

I linked yesterday to Nick Priggis’ post on social enterprise. Here’s part 2.

The starting point wasn’t, for us, found in identifying the problems in our community. Rather, the Lord identified the resources in our local community church, a number of men in our church who were either retired engineers or interested in car mechanics. They were waiting for something to happen to energise and mobilise them into action.

What happened when Oslo decided to make its downtown basically car-free?

Cities have been built for cars for many decades, and the car has been seen as a status symbol, and I guess it still is for some people. We need to plan our cities better for the future so that the private car is not setting the premise for how we build our cities anymore. So in new developments, we are trying to make sure it’s easy for those who move into their new home to live without their own private car.

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