The Curiosity Index (13.01.2017)

Dragged a few things out of the archive for today. I read blogs mostly through feedly and then save interesting articles & posts in pocket to use here. I have quite a backlog….

This on multiplying disciples & churches is excellent. If you don’t listen to the video just read the Q&A – very thought-provoking. Key ingredients:

  • White hot faith
  • High commitment to the cause
  • A pattern of rapid mobilisation.
  • Contagious relationships
  • Adaptive methods

Does belief in God enhance gratitude? The answer it seems is, yes it does.

Derek Rishmawy has a long (but good) review of NT Wright’s latest The Day the Revolution began

Another one from a way back, but always good to think about, why do sermons often bore?

Michael Kruger asks is the original text of the New Testament lost? Here’s a key paragraph…

In other words, it is possible (and perhaps even likely) that some of the earliest copies of the New Testament we posses may have been copied directly from one of the autographs.  And, if not the autographs, they may have been copied from a manuscript that was directly copied from the autographs.  Either way, this makes the gap between our copies and the autographs shrink down to a rather negligible size.


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