The Curiosity Index (06.08.2018)

Chris Pratt and taking our place on Schaeffer’s Staircase

You may remember this video causing quite a stir some weeks back. The most thoughtful response to it, I thought, was this one.

What was most striking to me though was the way it fitted so neatly into the current conversation in the arts. With our culture increasingly at loggerheads with Christianity, you’d have thought that for a Hollywood A-lister to nail his colours to the mast so didactically would have resulted in, at least, some raised eyebrows, mild discontent, or ridicule. However, the worst criticism that I could find online was that it was ‘surprisingly religious’, and the general opinion of twitter was: ‘just when I thought Chris Pratt couldn’t get any hotter…’

You see, the spiritual tone in the arts right now is completely different from the one we feel in the general aether. Across art forms, Christianity is becoming more and more prominent and is being treated with increasing respect.

‘My husband hired a hitman to kill me – but I forgive him’

How’s that for an arresting headline (pun intended).

Sweden’s Weather Has Been So Hot Its Tallest Mountain Is Shrinking

Photo by poromaa

In fact, the glacier-topped southern peak might already be lower than the rocky northern peak, after four metres (about 13 feet) of snow and ice melted off the top of the mountain in less than a month, an average of 14 centimetres (5.5 inches) a day.

But how far Underground?

This is amazing. Daniel Silva has created a series of maps showing just how far underground any given station of the London Underground is. 

Afriski: Lesotho’s Only Ski Resort

High in the Maluti Mountains of the Kingdom of Lesotho, sits Afriski, one of only two ski resorts in southern Africa (the other, Tiffindell, is in the same mountains, just over the border in South Africa.) The resort summit is about 10,600 feet (3,222 m) above sea level, with a slope running about 1 kilometer. Much of the winter, snow on the ground can be sparse, so snow-making machines fill in the gaps, creating a giant white stripe on the treeless landscape.

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