The Curiosity Index (06.02.2015)

Let’s start with the very serious. Once again there is a war in Europe and it is happening in Ukraine. If you don’t think it’s a war then take a look at these photos. If you do, look and pray for peace. I know pastors and churches in the war zone and their life has been devastated.

In Britain it’s quite common to complain about the cost of rail travel. But as it turns out Everything you know about British train fares is wrong

Nathanael Smith offers an excellent review of the new film Selma. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.

The average child may read less than five books a year much like the average adult. There are however ways to read more, a lot more

Lastly, it’s not quite the same as I can’t cut the blocks but I’m having a go at building an igloo in the garden again. It won’t be as good as this

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