The Curiosity Index (04.10.2017)

My life as an atheist was wonderful!

I like this testimony, and this part gets it right about not trying to paint unbeliever’s lives as somehow secretly miserable.

God has had his hand on me since the first day. He knew I was coming to him and he was waiting for the time that he’d set. He just took care of me along the way. I was happy as an atheist, but I don’t ever remember using the word ‘joy’. Now I use it all the time, and I thank God daily for all he does for me and with me.

Ten lessons in three years of church planting in Central London

Andrew Haslam shares what he has learned and they’re all good lessons.

The hottest startups in Stockholm

WIRED’s pick for the best new tech companies in Stockholm.

If it’s broken, you can’t fix it

It’s getting harder & harder to fix the stuff you own.

Yet the lack of repairability has large drawbacks. Authorised dealers are often far-flung, much more expensive than independent ones and often cannot fix a problem. Barring owners from tinkering also limits innovation.

The sea is a strange and beautiful place

Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2017 Underwater Photo Contest Winners are as amazing as you might expect.

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