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Recently Justin Taylor has shared some helpful posts on diversity in the church. One of the greatest things I’ve discovered since moving to Sweden is the joy of being in a diverse church and sharing with people the plan of God to have a redeemed people from every tribe and nation.

You should read all three posts but here are the highlights:

First four ways that diversity more than uniformity magnifies God

  1. There is a beauty and power of praise that comes from unity in diversity that is greater than that which comes from unity alone.
  2. The fame and greatness and worth of an object of beauty increases in proportion to the diversity of those who recognize its beauty.
  3. The strength and wisdom and love of a leader is magnified in proportion to the diversity of people he can inspire to follow him with joy.
  4. By focusing on all the people groups of the world, God undercuts ethnocentric pride and throws all peoples back upon his free grace rather than any distinctive of their own.

Then came 5 boundaries that church should cross

  1. Boundaries of age
  2. Boundaries of economics
  3. Boundaries of politics
  4. Boundaries of social ability
  5. Boundaries of cultural background

Lastly came 7 ways that pastors can help their church grow in ethnic diversity

  1. Don’t dismiss social justice as “not a gospel issue.”
  2. Diversify the liturgy.
  3. Diversify leadership.
  4. Tell stories and quote the preaching of saints from other cultures.
  5. Preach the ethnicity-filled text.
  6. Preach the gospel intelligibly.
  7. Strive to make the local church local.

This last post also has a great line about hymns:

Diversify the music and explain some of the old hymns. I’m sure most will be helped by an explanation of what I’m actually raising when I raise mine Ebenezer. And furthermore, what an Ebenezer actually is.

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