The Curiosity Index (01.02.2018)

Welcome to February!

My Larry Nassar Testimony Went Viral. But There’s More to the Gospel Than Forgiveness.

If you’re involved in any way in church leadership, this may be the most important read of your year. Make sure you have good practices in place to protect people from abuse not protect abusers.

What Does It Mean to Die?

This is a long and strange article about how really we don’t have a good medial definition of ‘death’ or at the very least ‘brain dead’ may not be in any way helpful.

After 45 Birthdays, Here Are ’12 Rules for Life’

Some down to earth wisdom from Megan McArdle on the 12 rules meme

Strange practices in different cultures

Human beings are quite odd. Do you put a child’s teeth under a pillow or bury them in the garden? Neither makes any sense.

Amazon Replaces Office Buildings With Spherical Plant-Filled Greenhouses


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