The Curiosity Index (15.01.2018)

Andy Savage’s Standing Ovation Was Heard Round the World. Because It Was Wrong

I haven’t read a whole lot about this but I think Ed Stetzer gets it right.

First, no one should ever receive a standing ovation when it comes to alleged abuse—unless it’s directed at a victim with the courage to speak out. When it comes to victimization, the victim should always be the center of our attention…. We are never to protect abusers in our churches. We are to protect victims.

What’s The Difference Between Children’s Books In China And The U.S.?

This is interesting – in the US it’s all about personal happiness while in China it’s all about achievement and working hard.

20 of the Most Spectacular Drone Photographs of 2017

Like this one

The Films of 2017

Nathanael Smith gives his round-up of the films of 2017 and as a result I swear I will not watch King Arthur. My friend Jon Matthias gives his round-up of a year spent watching mostly comic book action movies.

The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel

People never cease to amaze you.

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