The battle for biology heats up

I predicted some years ago that society would face a battle over biology as transgender activists seek to change laws in their favour. There was always an inherent contradiction but the ideology doesn’t care about coherence or consistency. So, we are witnessing an increasing battle between feminists, sportswomen and some scientists on the one side and transgender/woke activists on the other. What is interesting though is to see who has control of the media – who gets to produce the next heart-warming movie about a man becoming a woman or comedy which normalises transition?

As Christians, we need to be aware and informed because as the battle rages it will come increasingly to schools, hospitals, youth centres and cinemas. I have wondered whether Christians speaking up would do more harm than good because society already sees us as bigoted but the battle is on and we need to be sticking up for women, biology and our nation’s children. Here is some reading to help you sort it all out.

The Dangerous Denial of Sex – Transgender ideology harms women, gays—and especially feminine boys and masculine girls.

This opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal gives you the science. If you can’t access the article then read this commentary by James Emery White which has some extensive quotes and is a good summary.

Dwyane Wade’s Selective Essentialism

This is what I mean by media battle. One side has scientists writing op-eds in the WSJ but the other side has a basketball superstar talking on Ellen. Either way Samuel James breaks down what’s going on.

Wade and his children inhabit the world of sports and it is there that the battle is currently fiercest. In the US States Move to Stop Male Athletes from Competing as Girls. Transgender talk about testosterone but the differences go far beyond that.

Hopefully it is the above facts that will guide rugby: World Rugby to assess if its policies on transgender players ‘are appropriate’

Fortunately there are some Christians who are giving plenty of thought to this area and you should let them help you.

Matt Fuller: The problem with gender self-identification
Andrew Bunt: Responding to Trans Questions; Responding to Detransitioners; Understanding Transgender Identities

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