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The Curiosity Index (07.12.2017)

100 years of Finland Yesterday Finland celebrated 100 years as an independent nation, it’s a beautiful country. But 100 years isn’t all that long and reminds me that nations are not permanent. What Christians believe…in 90 Seconds! I have a very high regard for the

Overflowing Abundance

Abundance is a word that perhaps sits a little uneasily for a network devoted to simplicity – in fact abundance is part of the problem in a consumer society isn’t it? An abundance of choice, gadgets, food, credit and appetite for shopping has done significant

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Can America live more simply?

For some reason I’m being sent infographics from various places, not that I mind at all. Here’s one on America’s quest for simplicity. Not going well it seems. Click on the picture or here to see the full infographic

10 myths about simple living

Jeremy at Make Wealth History has a great post about ten myths about simple living which you should read. His ten myths are: Simple living is about retreat, and withdrawing from the world Simple living is about self denial Simple living is about rural pastoralism Simple

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Christmas, consumers, gifts and gratitude

For a blog that is supposed to have a focus on consumerism and generosity it’s been a while since I posted on the subject. However, I have been stacking up a substantial backlog of posts that I’ve noticed but not quite managed to write about

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Pay in a megachurch: Can this be right?

Take a look at the following infographic about mega-churches in America. It’s all quite interesting about membership and size and so on. What really grabbed my attention was the box at the bottom right about staff pay. Have a look and digest those figures for

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John Stott: The Simple Pastor

I know I’m slightly slow in paying my tributes to the late John Stott who died not so long ago but I felt I wanted to do so anyway. At the end of this post will be a collection of links to some others doing