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The resurrection of Jesus (links)

There are several posts here all dealing with the historical evidence for the resurrection and inevitably they cover similar ground but also with slightly different contributions. But before I share all of that one extract stood out to me from Scot McKnight  I know all

Learning from 1 Thessalonians 4

We’re working through 1 Thessalonians (1,2,3) and chapter 4 gives you a lot to think about. Here are just a few. A good life There is a way of living that pleases God (v.1) and wins the respect of outsiders (v.12) It’s not a check

Resurrection reflections

Don’t rush on from talking or thinking about the resurrection just because it’s not Easter Sunday, after all Jesus continued to make appearances over the course of the following 40 days. The resurrection remains the absolute bedrock of Christian belief – in other words it

Walking on thin ice?

Despite being one of the most secular countries on earth, cultural religion still has a significant role in Swedish society not least in their national holidays. Today the nation is busy having a day off courtesy of the ascension of the saviour of the world.

Not proof of heaven

You may have read recently of the latest account of a near-death experience. It is the latest in the long line of accounts from small boys going to heaven and others having visions of heaven or hell. These stories are all offered as proof of


Today is the best day of my year every year. Better than my birthday, better than my kids birthdays, better than holidays, better than our anniversary, better even than Christmas Day. My entire faith hinges and rests on the foundation of this day. Good Friday