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What does it mean to be good?

One of my favourite TV shows of 2018 was The Good Place – a very funny show that asks a very important question: what does it mean to be good? Nathanael Smith summarizes the first season plot: The premise of episode one is a juicy one: Eleanor

The Curiosity Index (09.04.2018)

We Need Counter-Cultural Common Sense GK Chesterton was a genius, that’s all I’m saying. China Bans Bibles from Online Sellers Like Amazon The story develops a bit further. Should we believe in hell? Ian Paul takes up the question World’s languages traced back to single

The Curiosity Index (03.04.2018)

Eight myths about hell Sam Storms clears a few things up Should we teach the story of Ananias and Sapphira to children? Tim Thornborough thinks not. Not sure I agree. Futurologist Predicts Human Immortality Might Be Closer Than You Think If you pay close attention

Hell revisited

Five years ago, the topic of hell was probably the most discussed doctrine in evangelical circles, following the publication of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. In Love Wins Bell speculated a more hopeful version of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. It was nearly but not quite universalism. That debate has died down but

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The Curiosity Index (02.03.2015)

Still no internet at home. The situation is getting desperate. Five reasons why the virgin birth is important One church’s journey in generosity. Well worth copying. This leader from the Guardian laments the loss in a belief in hell. Very interesting. Talking of hell –

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Ring the Bell: Round 2

In some ways I’m glad this discussion hasn’t just completely disappeared because that would show that we too have the attention span of a goldfish in keeping with much of contemporary western culture. Here are some further thoughts and reflections on the debate: Tim Challies reflects

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Bell might not win

If you all thought the debate about hell has gone quiet then get ready for it get stirred up for another round as the book length responses to Rob Bell’s Love Wins are published. Randy Alcorn gives his views first on Mark Galli’s God Wins

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Is Gandhi in heaven?

A few weeks ago I posted on whether Gandhi is in hell but the reverse question is also interesting. On what grounds would we have confidence to say that Gandhi is in heaven? Greg Koukl addresses this question in his book Tactics: A game plan