Miscellaneous: 7 links

Welcome to the first set of links for 2012. As usual eclectic in every way and in no particular order

  1. The debt crisis looks set to be news for the entire coming year. This infographic illustrates some of the problem
  2. My friend Jeremy lists his books of 2011. If you want to know what to read about climate change, steady state economy, sustainability etc….this list is a good primer.
  3. Tim Challies has reviewed two books on marriage. One I won’t bother with by Mark Driscoll and one I’m certain to buy by Tim and Kathy Keller, here’s a quote from the Keller’s book
  4. The Bible remains a bestseller and demonstrated it once again in secular Norway of all places.
  5. We need but can’t afford booming sales in the shops. Quite the paradox as Jeremy points out.


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