Updated: Not a single girl

It’s summer and I’m not posting at whatever my usual schedule is, but instead have a post a day to pique your interest. I’m going to attempt a blogging revival from September.

This is awful.

Authorities are investigating why not one girl was born across dozens of villages in a northern Indian district in the last three months. In a country grappling with a skewed gender ratio, data has revealed that of the 216 newborns in 132 villages across the Uttarkashi district, in Uttarakhand state, none were girls, the news agency ANI reported.

It raises concerns that the central government’s policy to try to tackle the prevalence of sex-selective abortion, is not working.

Back in May I linked to this article: There Are 23 Million ‘Missing’ Girls in The World Due to Sex-Selective Abortions. This is bad news now but it’s going to continue to be bad, bad news as the consequences play out over generations.

*Update: Following this story generating huge headlines there was this follow up from the BBC: Have no girls been born in 132 villages in India? which suggests there has been some pretty serious errors in the data but not nearly as serious as widespread sex-selective abortions. A report is due out in a week or so.

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