Lessons on sharing Jesus with Muslims

A cover of the wind in the house of Islam

Yesterday I reviewed David Garrison’s A wind in the house of Islam and today I want to share some of the insights into both church planting and Islam that I gained from the book. All page references are from the book.

The first really helpful lesson was how in Bangladesh converts are sharing their faith with other Muslims. They had four basic negative rules and I’ve added a fifth based on what they did do.


  1. Don’t attack or speak bad of Muhammed. (p.119)
  2. Never speak against the Qur’an
  3. Never speak against Allah
  4. Never speak against the Ummah
  5. Use the Qur’an

I think especially for a Westerner such as myself these rules are incredibly helpful and avoid creating unneccessary barriers.

Qur’an’s teaching on the NT

(p.76) Q 34:24, 57:27

Qur’an says ‘If you are confused, ask the people of the previous books’ & ‘If you don’t accept the previous books, then the fire of hell is waiting for you’ & ‘Mohammed said, ‘I have accepted all the books without separation’ (p.75-76). ‘Those who read the Qur’an are proud, those who read the NT are humble’ (p.77)

Many Christians are ignorant of the Qur’an yet time and time again, it was the first step in leading a Muslim to faith in Christ. The Qur’an encourages the Muslim to read the injil (New Testament).

Christian-Muslim shared teachings on Jesus

There are 97 verses in the Qur’an that supported the uniqueness of Isa (Q 3:47, 19:7-19 & 21:91) (p.61)

  • Jesus is coming again & those who do not believe in him, he will destroy with his breath (p.66)
  • Jesus is the Beloved of Allah (p.116)
  • Unique virgin birth, His holiness, His miraculous power (p.116)
  • His ascension to heaven (p.116)

The Qur’an highly honours the person of Jesus, Muslims are encouraged to consider the person of Jesus.

Comparison Muhammed v Jesus
  • 23 honourable titles for Jesus (p.118)
  • Muhammed is not with Allah, but Isa is in heaven
  • Muhammed is not coming again, but Isa is
  • Muhammed will not be at the last judgement, but Isa will
  • Muhammed is dead, Isa is alive
  • Qur’an speaks just 4 times about Muhammed v 97 times about Jesus
  • Muhammed is not saviour, but Isa means ‘saviour’
  • Muhammed is just a messenger but Isa is ruhullah ‘Spirit of Allah’

While being careful not to speak badly of Muhammed, the Muslim is invited to carefully consider the differences between how the Qur’an speaks of Jesus and speaks of Muhammed.

Each point creates an invitation to read more about Jesus in the New Testament.

Keys to faith

  1. The Word of God
  2. The Holy Spirit
  3. Faithful witnesses
  4. Miracles
  5. Dreams & visions

The book outlines five key elements that have persuaded tens of thousands of Muslims to become followers of Jesus.

House church elements (p.221)

  1. Prayer
  2. Accountability in sharing the Gospel
  3. Confession
  4. Bible study
  5. Application & actions

As converts are often meeting in secret, there is a simplicity to their gatherings which is a pretty good recipe for every church.

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