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Jesus will help me

I am a convert. I was a very reluctant father but I just love it. A week ago my two-year old son gave me a sentence of great theology that I hope and pray he never ever forgets or stops believing.

We were reading a Bible story and came to David and Goliath (we’re using this book) and we read this line from David.

“‘I shall fight Goliath’ declared David boldly. ‘I dare because God will help me.'”

Noah just started repeating ‘I dare, I dare, I dare’. All very cute. Then Emma reminded him that it was because David knew God would help him. My two-year old paused and did some thinking and then said,

“Jesus will help me.”

Soon after that he started blethering rubbish and we gave him some milk to drink. But it struck me that this is faith, this is near the core of my understanding of salvation and life as a disciple of Jesus. I am a sinner but I believe ‘Jesus will help me.’ I dare to pray for healings or miracles because I believe ‘Jesus will help me.’ I speak to people in situations where my wisdom is floundering but I open my mouth because I believe ‘Jesus will help me.’ I struggle, I fall, I fail, I succeed. Jesus will help me.

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