Book Review: Holy Discontent

Holy Discontent is not a complicated book, it’s not a deep book. I’m not 100% convinced there’s enough here for a book but you can’t fault Hybels for passion. Whatever he does it seems he gives it 100%. This IS a book about frustration, frustration with injustice, racism, poverty, disease, suffering (or indeed whatever) and then beating apathy and getting something done.

You don’t need to have ever met the man (which I haven’t) to know that Bill Hybels is an activist by nature and personality. I am too, so I relate to that a lot. Hybels sees something, it moves him, he wants to DO something about it. Simple. Uncomplicated. Motivating. Action.

I’m never going to complain when a significant leader in Christ’s church calls his followers to DO something about injustice. Well done Bill. However I think a trick was missed in not going a little deeper and calling for advocacy or protest as a way of doing something. The focus here seems to me to be on cure not prevention. Still, if you know comfortable western Christians endlessly agonising about not knowing where their ‘calling or place is’, this may be an acceptable rocket to place under their seat.

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