Book Review: Dictionary of Mission Theology

This is a book review I did for the magazine Christian Marketplace (not published yet)

Dictionary of Mission Theology/ ed. John Corrie/ IVP/ 9781 8447 42134/ Hardback/ 461 pages/ £24.99

I initially wondered what variety of dictionary they’ll think of next but this is a fascinating reference tool. Firstly because of its content: thinking about the world from the perspective of mission brings articles on AIDS, church planting, human rights and relations with other religions. Secondly because of its contributors: more than 60% of the 160 articles are written by non-Western authors reflecting the shift in Christianity’€™s centre of gravity from north to south and gives this reference tool a global perspective on mission and not just one from the West to the Rest.

It differs from more recent IVP dictionaries by foregoing their two part structure with introductory essays and returns to a straight A-Z format. It’€™s well produced as always but this does have a fairly narrow audience -€“ those involved in cross cultural mission or church planting, students and mission minded leaders, but for them this will be a valuable reference book.

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