Generous Going

In the final part of my January series on discipleship I talked about Generous Going, following on from Discipleship, Generous Living, and Generous Giving (follow the links for the audios – except for the giving talk, not sure what happened there but we lost the recording. Shame)

There’s an initiative that is based in the community of the trinity that takes us beyond ourselves to include others and draw them into the love of God for humanity. For us this draws us into the mess of human lives, the joys, the struggles, the trials, the tests and the triumphs. It brings with it the possibility of incarnating the love of Jesus to a broken world but it means our selfish dreams and ambitions may have to be left to the side for another day.

To pick up the dream of God and be a part of the mission of God in the world may mean we need to lay our dreams down, to consider others better than ourselves and to forsake selfish ambition. As I understand it, to have true generosity in our lives involves us in mission in the world, of making disciples and growing in love of God and love of people. The powerpoint from the talk is below or here at Google Docs

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Thanks for these thoughts Phil – I’ve really enjoyed reading them. I hadn’t thought about the ‘generous going’ side of things but the way you put it makes sense. A generous life needs to be dynamic, or it runs the risk of becoming another set of rules. That’s helped me to square a circle in my own mind – so thanks again.

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