Confused: About sex

It’s easy to see signs of confusion in contemporary society, confusion over children and even confusion about sex.

Pornography is rife and promiscuity is normal, is probably how most religious conservatives would sum up the zeitgesit when it comes to sex.

The notion of faithfulness was exposed by the Ashley Madison although their need to create tens of thousands of fake female would-be adulteresses to meet the need of all the cheating men shows where the majority of the problem lies.

The idea of abstinence before marriage is ridiculed yet WIRED can write a feature on an “emerging sexual identity, one with its own nomenclature and subcategories of romance and desire, all revolving around the novel concept that having little to no interest in sex is itself a valid sexual orientation.”

That’s ‘asexual’ and is the A in the long list of initials that make up sexuality today.  Interestingly there are a few quotes from the demisexuals or asexuals that absolutely nail a Christian approach to sex and relationships.

One young woman, Genevieve, described it this way, “I think when I knew him so well that my heart decided he was my soul mate, my body decided so too.”

In the world of the Bible, of course, marriage was decided first, often by parents and guardians, then sex followed and love, if it came, came last. In our culture it’s almost entirely the other way around. Love, or at least attraction, is quickly followed by sex and then marriage it arrives at all, arrives last.

Christians trying to navigate western culture and faithfulness to the Bible mostly articulate the other alternative- genuine love, followed by marriage, followed by sex. Give your heart before you give your body.

The truth is that sex is less important than most people think and more important than most people realise.


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