Church planting in Europe

At the end of September I was privileged to be at one of my favourite conferences. I don’t go to many but this is my favourite. For one it was held in Malaga, so while Sweden was fast heading into a cold and wet autumn, for a few days I got to go back to summer. Malaga is also a beautiful city, with ancient Roman ruins, a marina full of expensive yachts, the castle & cathedral. It’s definitely worth a visit.

But nice as the weather and location was, I’d have gone to this conference even if it was held in the dampest, darkest, dullest place in Europe. The mix of worship, teaching, friendship, encouragement and determination to make disciples and plant churches was refreshing, revitalizing and rewarding.

So I thought I’d share a report and a reflection on the conference.

It was encouraging because it was a reflection of just a small part of what God is doing through the Newfrontiers family of churches in Europe. And that’s just a small part of what God is doing across the whole body of Christ. Europe may be the most secular continent but the church of Jesus is also being renewed and reborn in our day.

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