Pioneer CONFERENCE 2019

I don’t go too many conferences each year although sometimes I feel like I could spend my whole year doing nothing but go to meetings and conferences. So the ones I do go to had better be worth it, right?

When you live in Sweden an end of September conference in Malaga is an excellent reason to go. Swapping autumn for summer for a few days was a pleasant experience and being able to eat outside late into the night was a treat.

The second and more important reason was the combination of pioneering people who have sacrificed much to plant churches with worship that lifted my head and teaching that enriched my soul. I personally loved the emphasis not on a model but on values. There are many models and methods and they will likely vary according to context but values transcend context and seek to create something recognisable, even familiar, wherever they are embedded.

You can listen or watch all the teaching from this year’s conference here. Highly recommended.

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