The Curiosity Index (06.11.2018)

Hmmm, another gap in posting but hoping to pick things up again. We’ll see.

Is a religious upbringing child abuse?

I became a Christian when I was eight years old. 

To many, this sounds like I was subject to brainwashing or even child abuse. How could responsible parents coerce their child into accepting their understanding of the world and force her to live by some standard of behaviour dictated by an invisible force? How can an eight-year-old make an informed choice about something as controversial as religion?

If you’re not regularly reading the articles from Salt then please remedy that – lots of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles that will help your secular friends think differently about those who believe. Recommended.

Why are Pakistan’s Christians targeted?

Life for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan is hard and following the acquittal of Asia Bibi it just got tougher. And as Stephen McAlpine bluntly puts it the leadership of the country is failing an early test. Let’s pray for Pakistan.

Russian controlled ‘Luhansk republic’ bans all Protestant churches

In a part of the world that is largely being forgotten despite the daily fighting, life has again got harder for evangelical churches. I recently heard accounts of attempts to take over church buildings and close churches down. 

How to skip a stone

In fact how to make a stone skip dozens of times…because life also has a lighter side.

The 15 Tallest Statues in the World

I can’t help but think of Nebuchadnezzar when I see these things. Still, remarkable in their own way. All of them are also in Asia. Can anyone enlighten me as to why Asia has a thing for building massive statues?

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