3 tips for short-term students on how to get involved in a church

We recently had a Dutch student who came to Stockholm for a four month exchange program. She quickly became a part of the church and when she was leaving I asked her to share her thoughts on how to become a part of the church when you only have a few months. This is what she said:

  1. Your mindset is the most important. Don’t think that it is not worth it to invest in relationships with people from church, just because you’re only staying for a short time. Instead, do build relations, ask questions to get to know people and be open about yourself. Even during a short stay, you can become good friends, pray together, study the Bible and worship, which will be a real blessing and help to build your faith! For me this really helped me to not feel alone, while I was away from my family and friends.
  2. Go to the meetings as often as you can, both on Sunday and midweek. Midweek there is more time to get to know people, which will help you to build relationships and feel at home in the church. Besides these scheduled meetings, there are informal meetings regularly, which are fun to go to and allow you to get to know even more people.
  3. A practical tip: Make sure you are added to any relevant message groups that the church has, so you will know when and where the meetings are and be a part of the conversation in the church.

I think that’s a good place to start. What advice would you give? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Nigel Clark

    Come ready to learn rather than teach, be rather than do, build rather than bless

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