Why secularists hate Christian youth festivals

For a few years I’ve been proud to have played a small part in Newday a growing Christian youth festival. It’s nowhere near the size and scale of Soul Survivor but we share a similar passion to bring the Gospel to young people.

It was no surprise to read something like this in the Guardian online (I share many of the Guardian’s views on the environment, economics, development, politics but definitely not faith). While this idea is probably in the realms of fantasy, it doesn’t hurt us to know what our opponents would like to do given the chance. In this case severely restrict, control and ban Christian youth festivals like Newday after all,

“A scrutiny of the youth evangelism strategies of one of the UK’s largest faith groups, evangelical Christians, should give liberals serious cause for concern.”

Among the ridiculous things we teach young people apparently, are that God will judge people for sinful thoughts, that witchcraft is bad and that God heals people. Ridiculous.

The author’s solution to such nonsense?

“I believe a public commission should be established that issues non-legally binding guidelines on the forms of doctrines that it is desirable that children are taught. The preaching of hellfire or of divine faith healings to children could form part of such guidelines. Non-compliers could be “named and shamed” by such a commission.”

Well aside from the fact that no government is going to want to appoint a doctrinal commission to rehash the Christian faith it is interesting that secularists do want to control, prescribe and mandate what is or is not acceptable to believe and apparently in a modern democracy – and it seems God as judge and healer is no longer acceptable.

This is not going to happen any time soon but like I said, nice to know their plans in advance.

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One Thought to “Why secularists hate Christian youth festivals”

  1. Rob Mason

    of course if christian groups didn’t segregate parents from ‘youth’ activities it wouldn’t be open to criticism of mind control, cult-like behaviour or other inane misinformed comments??

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