Who names a revival?

One of the things that has been bugging me in the recent events in Florida and Dudley is the role of the media and marketing. I guess at heart I wonder if their role isn’t a mixed blessing.

It seems to me that in Toronto (as far as I understand it) in the early days of the internet and preceding most blogs I guess, something started happening and people started travelling there. The blessing moved to other places, shaped churches and lives. Other people named it. Attention came to them not because they self promoted it or necessarily encouraged it to come (at least not to begin with).

Lakeland and Dudley is different – very quickly after they had begun meetings in Dudley, I received an email from them that proclaimed in bold, dynamic text and image that the DUDLEY OUTPOURING WAS ON!!!

Well, good. If I’m being generous then this is enthusiastic telling to other Christians but this isn’t merely saying, ‘come to our meeting we think God will meet you there’ and I wonder why if Lakeland is having a revival why Dudley is having an outpouring? Who makes that call? What’s the difference? Did they think ‘blessing’ was too 20th Century? I just wonder, whether it wouldn’t be a more confident position of trust in what God is doing – to do NO marketing, NO advertising, NO promotion and just let people come and see what God does, because it is God at work.

Clearly the fact that people can watch it on TV is good but not neutral, it comes in the trapping of the TV station. So now God TV are appealing for funds to keep the revival going on air, to keep it going to the nations. Perhaps we would better see the nature of it, if it wasn’t on air. This is Revival globalisation and I wonder whether that is a good thing or not.

I find myself in a difficult position, I’m going to go to Dudley soon but I need to go open minded and not closed and sceptical. But the hype, the self-promotion, the TV – it’s all things I find hard. So we shall see…

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