Book Review: Who Am I?

I get sent so many books and there are literally hundreds on my shelves that I want to read but haven’t yet got to, the pressure of the backlog sometimes kills the joy of reading. As a result I sometimes just pick the shortest book I can find, so I can read it quick and move on to the next one. The aim being to reduce the pile of unread books not enjoy the experience of reading. This book was one such choice.

Bonhoeffer is a theological hero of mine, his theology, his bravery, his involvement in the pains of his people and his experience of community all drew me to him. In prison he wrote among other things a number of excellent poems and this coffee table gift book reflects on just one: Who Am I? part Psalm, part deep soul searching it provides worthy material for meditation and self-reflection.

Here’s a line that struck me about community:

It is infinitely easier to suffer in community than alone

Perhaps as our society becomes increasingly fragmented and isolated so our ability to handle suffering is diminished.

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