What everyone missed in ‘the elephant room’ controversy

A while ago there was a storm in an internet teacup about the second Elephant Room conference over the invitation to TD Jakes, who it is said, holds heretical views on the Trinity. It was quite a big hoo-ha. But that wasn’t the only thing they should have made a fuss about.

In his original invitation (no longer on the site), organiser James Macdonald said,

“I am also excited to hear him state his views on money, which may be closer to Scripture than the monasticism currently touring the Reformed world.”

In the first Elephant Room, Macdonald went toe to toe with David Platt on the issue of money. For what it’s worth I thought they were both wrong. What’s interesting here is that Platt (not involved in the second one) is known for challenging the American church on their wealth. TD Jakes on the other hand is a millionaire and an extremely wealthy man. He teaches prosperity.

That strikes me as interesting. Macdonald disagrees with Platt and then invites TD Jakes whose views on money he thinks is closer to Scripture. Which really is sad. So it was interesting to think through some of the issues raised yesterday talking about the pay of megachurch pastors (some more thoughts to come on that by the way). TD Jakes would have raised that average quite considerably all on his own.

Money is a big deal, a really big deal. Love it too much and you can’t serve God. Put too much trust in it and it will reward you but God won’t. What we do with money, what we think about money, what we say and teach about money matters. It matters a lot. So let me be clear, on the issue of money TD Jakes is wrong and unbiblical and if James Macdonald thinks his views are closer to scripture then he’s wrong too. End of story, although not of debate. Thoughts?


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