Toy Story and Identity

It’s summer and I’m not posting at whatever my usual schedule is, but instead have linked to a post a day to pique your interest. I’m going to attempt a blogging revival from September.

I really admire people who when they watch films can spot the trends and deeper storylines within. So I thought this from Andrew Bunt was excellent.

I fear that I may not be a great cinema companion. I recently went to see Toy Story 4 with a couple of friends. As the credits began to roll, my friends were looking happy and smiley and praised the film for its story and surprise ending. I, on the other hand, was seething.

Why you may wonder?

The Toy Story franchise has ended with a classic case of the narrative of our day: the modern or internal identity narrative. In the internal identity narrative, who we are is determined by what we feel and what we desire, and true fulfilment is found by embracing and expressing those feelings and desires. Any sense of purpose or plan in the created world is disregarded and we become the makers of our own identity.

And the embracing of this narrative is a surprising turn for Toy Story to take because the films so far have provided some of the clearest examples of divine identity, the idea that as creatures our identity must come from our creator and so true fulfilment is found by living in line with the creator’s plan.

Read the whole thing.

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