The Word for Word Bible Comic

Every now and then I get sent emails from people asking me to review their books or give space to their projects. It doesn’t happen all that often and mostly the projects aren’t a very good fit for this blog. But I have made one or two exceptions.

1 Judges coverOne of those is for a new graphic novel rendering of the Bible and one which has gone for an interesting approach: word for word.

A few general comments about The Word for Word Bible Comic: firstly it uses the World English Bible translation as the source text (my guess being that it’s one of the few public domain translations which means the whole text can be freely used.

Secondly this is not for children. There are two books of the Bible available, Judges and Ruth, and as you may know Judges is quite a violent book. So there is blood, death and violence in the images. The sex (of which there is a fair amount in Judges) is toned down graphically and I didn’t see any nudity on the pages. Having said all that the author, Simon Amadeus Pilario has put a 15 advisory on these books. I think probably teenagers 12+ wouldn’t be unduly troubled by it but a higher age rating would give parents enough of a pause and not just hand it to their 9 year old. As the author says, “This work will not glamorize evil of any kind nor will it be explicit or dwell on these things but it will cover all the lessons the Bible teaches.”

Unabridged example

The author has taken great care with the historical details, the full text is given and has a high view of scripture.

This, of all elements, is the most important. This work embraces a view of inerrant scripture, of expositional constancy and that the canon of scripture is an integrated whole.

It will be interesting to see how the project unfolds, especially when it comes to some of the prophetic books or letters because I don’t think they would lend themselves so well to a graphic novel format. We’ll see!

I enjoyed it and I can see that teenagers (and I’m being honest probably mostly boys) will enjoy this dramatic presentation of Scripture.

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