The happiest place on earth…

…has no materialism according to this article from the BBC. Here are some interesting comments:

“So what is his secret of happiness? ‘Not having to worry about money,’ he immediately replies, while picking his nose in an uninhibited way. If you asked the same question in the UK, you would probably get the same response. The only difference is that, in Jean Pierre’s case, it means not needing any money, rather than having bundles of it.”

“We can all repeat the mantra “money can’t buy you happiness” until we are blue in the face, but deep down, how many of us in the West really believe it to be true?”

and this one is just music to my soul….

“The twin pillars of a classically happy life – strong family ties and a general absence of materialism – are common throughout this island nation. The simple things in life, it seems, really do make you happy.”

So there you have it, even the hardened world of journalism is waking up to the fact that materialism is bad. Let’s hope the church takes note and takes the lead in living the alternative, not in the South Pacific, but here.

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