The future of Evangelicals in Europe

Global churchI’ve been flicking through Patrick Johnstone’s The Future of the Global Church: History, Trends and Possiblities looking for clues as to the decline of the church here in Scandinavia as well as the rest of Europe. As Johnstone looks to the future he identifies five ministry challenges. See what you think:

  1. Ministry has been crippled by negativism after years of little fruit and a developing ‘minority complex.’ Where are the leaders of vision and faith?
  2. Aggressive secularists are marginalizing and even persecuting Evangelicals in particular. There is need for a holy relevance and boldness in witness to them.
  3. Declining indigenous populations are pulling in immigrants who need to be evangelised – especially Muslims. Children need to be reached – few nowadays are exposed to anything Christian.
  4. Evangelical ranks are being swollen by immigrants. All Evangelicals need to be able to work together for the re-evangelisation of Europe.
  5. Vision for missions has declined among Evangelicals in the face of a prevailing pessimism and creeping universalism. How can it be revived?

What do you think? Is Johnstone right or is there something he’s missed – mull on it over the weekend and then leave a comment.

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Haven’t read the book but Johnstone seems right on track with the questions. I think the answers are rooted in our living out the gospel especially with the marginalized in our communities. Our teaching/preaching must be coupled with carefully thought out deeds of service.

“mull on it over the weekend and then leave a comment”

What else would an Internet user possibly do?

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