The future of church planting: bi-vocational ministry

Christianity Today has posted an article by Daniel Im on trends in church planting and it deals with bi-vocational ministry.

He says being bi-vocational ministry is being embraced for three main reasons:

  1. As a deliberate strategy: “In the future of church planting we will see church planters embracing bi-vocational ministry as a missiological strategy, rather than just as an alternative way to fund themselves.”
  2. As a first option not a last resort: “For many church planters in the future, choosing bi-vocational ministry will not be a matter of being out of money, but it will be a matter of being on a specific mission.”
  3. With reverse-tier funding: “Lastly, in the future, there will be church planters who will initially plant their church fully bi-vocationally, but then slowly transition to taking a salary as the church grows.”

You can read the whole thing here and for more articles on bi-vocational church planting, you can check out my series on the subject

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