The election craziness has begun *updated*

*This is a modified version of a previous post*

So as predicted a general election has been called and we will have the chance to vote for a new government and our local representatives in less than a month. Soon manifestos will be published, the promises will be made, the debates and hustings will begin. This coming Sunday our church will welcome some of our local candidates for a Q&A.

Voting is a freedom and a privilege and a responsibility, don’t duck it due to busyness, apathy, lethargy or confusion. If I vote, there’s a chance I may not get my choice, if I don’t vote that chance becomes a guarantee. Personally, I don’t think there’s any excuse for not voting. It is after all the height of laziness not to bother doing something you only have to do once every 4 or 5 years.

Now is the time to do the reading and praying and thinking about who to vote for and why. Here are some resources to help you (updated):

General Resources

Christian Resources

Political Parties

Contrary to popular belief that there are just two (or 3) political parties that matter there are a myriad of smaller political parties. Voting for them is not a wasted vote because it represents your choice for something such as:

  • Green Party
  • UKIP
  • and also the BNP. I certainly don’t advocate a vote here, but more than likely you will hear about them, you will get something through your door, if you live in a white working class area, if people bother to vote, they may be tempted to vote for them. So be informed and think about how you would respond to someone who may want to use their vote in this way. An election is no time to stick our heads in the sand and wish it would all just go away.

I’ve not included the nationalist parties of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales partly because I don’t live there and partly because I’ve also no idea about other local parties.

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