The Curiosity Index: Week 46

The Week’s Postings

Sunday: Why gather: to eat, sing & pray together
Monday: Corporate prayer is like digging a ditch
Tuesday: Praying together is like armed combat
Wednesday: Corporate prayer is like an orchestra playing
Thursday: Corporate prayer is like serving the devil an eviction notice

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From the archives

Discipleship = maturity

Bonus Material

Seven posts that caught my eye recently

  1. Why Christianity Quit Growing in Korea
  2. The dream of high speed trains is already coming off the rails – and as an extra bonus: The return of the night train
  3. Motorola made the foldable Razr we’ve wanted – The Razr was my first cool phone. I did have the indestructible Nokia 3610 but the Razr was cool. So this new iteration looks great but the chances of me paying $1500 for a phone? Zero.
  4. Building of the week: the autonomous house: And as an extra bonus here’s a really useful guide to passive houses
  5. Oatmeal Is Still the World’s Best Performance Breakfast – or known by its other name – Porridge
  6. Wollaton Hall – I used to go running around here while I was at university
  7. Zoom & Skype call tips (the secrets of video conferences) from Seth Godin so they must be good.

Eye-catching stuff

Entrants from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year

So seals are not always cute…

Something sporty on Twitter

And some unintentional theology from the world of (proper) football

Something to watch

We used to live not too far from Powys Castle. It’s quite the beautiful place.

Have a great weekend.

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