The Curiosity Index: Week 22

So my blogging along with my reading has ground to a halt in recent days but there’s a slow resurgence this week. This will be the first Curiosity Index in, I am ashamed to say, six weeks. Still we’re back and full of link laden goodness to stimulte, inform and amuse.

The Week’s Postings

Monday: Rested, renewed, revived
Tuesday: Sweden, this virus & protecting the old
Wednesday: The plague spreads (Locusts not coronavirus)
Thursday: Fireflies

And related reading

The Pandemic…

Well the world continues to be in the grip of this disease but I think the shift in the richer north back towards a more sustainable approach is under way. Yet there is a very wide range of views about Sweden’s approach.

A plateau.

From the archives

“Most people are convinced they’re good people and it takes something extra to make them realise that just pottering around being a generally nice bloke doesn’t cut the mustard with God in the holiness stakes.” Relational Mission: Everyone a witness

Some interesting things (to me)

Seven posts that caught my eye.

  1. Why is the Ascension the most important part of Jesus’ ministry?
  2. The Nations of Pentecost
  3. Dear Worthless Cockroach
  4. Colossians – chapter 4 in little black & white drawings
  5. Creationism, Unchallenged
  6. There’s nothing normal about getting nude on set – couple this with Tim Challies’ Sex on the Silver Screen: A Scenario to Consider
  7. Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Thought to Be Blank Turn Out to Have Hidden Text Inscribed

Eye-catching stuff

Early Highlights of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

“Rough Night”
© Anthony Bucci / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Seven Twitter highlights (plus a few extra)

  1. The beauty of the UK (also this, this and this)
  2. It was both a privilege and fun to be a part of ELF Online
  3. Grateful
  4. Meanwhile in Berlin
  5. Drinking buddies
  6. Up for a bit of an adventure in Stockholm?
  7. See the person behind the extra chromosome

Something to watch

(Not) the Scum of the Earth

Some good news from a beautiful but broken land

Have a great weekend.

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