The Curiosity Index: Week 2

The Week’s Postings

Back to average. Just the three posts this week but lots of other goodies for you to find

Monday: The Curiosity Index: Books Edition
Tuesday: Social media hasn’t got any better for 2020
Thursday: Never suboptimal

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From the archives

Furniture buying for church planters

Bonus Material

Seven posts that caught my eye recently

  1. Gospel Fluency in a World of Improv
  2. Who Evangelicals Lost in 2019Christianity Today helps us remember
  3. Newfrontiers Worship 1970s-2020s: Adrian Warnock has created a Spotify playlist of the worship songs have shaped him and the group of churches we’re both a part of
  4. Money, Grace and Giving by my friend Adam Bradley. Here’s a thought-provoking line: “We will never have a healthy relationship with money until we have a healthy perspective on eternity.”
  5. Exploring the Looming Water Crisis
  6. Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods
  7. ‘Women have less ego. Men think: How hard can this be?’: the female ultra-athletes leading the field

Eye-catching stuff

Entries in the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards – as ever some stunning photos here.

Spending 2 weeks on the south island of New Zeland, nothing quite captured the feeling of being on the road and surrounded by amazing scenery other than this photograph.

Some Twitter highlights

Something to watch

A long time ago, in what seems to be another life, I briefly worked in disaster response logistics although not in earthquake-hit areas but low-level conflict zones. But this video explains how disaster response works and how complicated it is (15 minutes).

Have a great weekend.

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