The Curiosity Index (Digital life edition)

After (yet another) unscheduled pause in writing I’m not going to be making any promises about regularity. If I can make it happen, great, if not well I’ll show up again here sometime. Writing may not have been happening but the collecting of links never ends. Today we’re looking at articles that help us think through our use of social media and organising our digital lives.

What is the real problem with social media? And how should we respond?

Tyler Cowen: “Online life is inducing us to invest less in our memories and long-term sense of satisfaction. It is pretty obvious from human behavior that, right now, the internet is doing more to boost short-term pleasures.”

Screen time and the decay of the soul

Andrew Haslam: “I would suggest that at the root of our concern about screen time is a more important and profound issue: our mortality. Life is already too short, and this is not how we ought to spend it…”

A Social Media Exodus Is Coming

Samuel James:

“The reason  people who reject the moral dilemma above still stay on social media is, well, where else are we gonna go? How else are we going to know What Everyone’s Saying? But this can’t go on indefinitely. People are getting fed up.”

RSS Is Better Than Twitter

Yes, yes it is.

“In 2019, social media is water in our lungs (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, that’s the last one). With so many of us contemplating deleting our accounts or at least cutting down on that screen time, it’s time to reconsider something that feels lost in this era of algorithm-fueled newsfeeds and timelines: RSS.”

Plus a few helpful how to articles

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