The Curiosity Index (31.07.2018)

Did Jesus Think He Was God?

“The claim is that many think that, while John shows Jesus to be God/divine, the Synoptics do not (e.g., Bart Ehrman). Pitre:”

The problem is that the claim that Jesus is not depicted as God in the Synoptic Gospels is flat-out wrong. The only way to hold such a claim is to completely ignore both the miracles of Jesus in which he acts as if he is the one God, as well as the sayings of Jesus in which he speaks as if he is the one God. We will look at the sayings of Jesus in the next chapter. For now, let us focus on three of Jesus’s most startling deeds—(1) the stilling of the storm, (2) the walking on water, and (3) 
the Transfiguration—in which he acts precisely as if he is the God described in the Jewish Scriptures (121).

Alberta man changes gender on government IDs for cheaper car insurance

I wrote a major piece yesterday about transgenderism and then this happens. If it hasn’t happened already but the law will soon look like an ass.

No-vacation nation: why Americans aren’t taking vacations

I linked to an article in yesterday’s Index about the long holidays that Europeans enjoy, so today let’s ponder why the Americans don’t follow suit.

What made Darth Vader such a visually iconic character?

In all the original Star Wars films (which I loved) what was the total screen time of its most iconic character, Darth Vader? 3 films – 34 minutes out of over 6 hours. I was stunned. Here’s how he got great.

Only in Dubai: 10 Wild, Dazzling & Absurd Record-Breaking Projects

Dubai is a crazy place. Here’s proof.


Photo by Fariz Safarulla

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